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Qmino is a team of skilful software developers focused on Java Web Services and Connected Applications
Try our REST API Documentation Generator for Java called MireDot. We think it's pretty neat and hope you will too. The base version is free!

Our Values

Engineering Excellence

Not only do we deliver solutions that work, we also make sure they have solid foundations so we can keep on building and extending them for the years to come. Just like an architect is proud on his buildings, we get our satisfaction from a well designed piece of software.

Clients are Partners

This might seem obvious but is not always that straightforward. We follow this key aspect of agile software development as a religion. We learned that small iterations, with intimate customer feedback at each stage of the development process is key to successful projects.

A Few of our Projects

ONTRACK! Time tracker for Windows Phone.

Gemeentekaart.be Drag 'n Drop web-app for geographical data.

Back and front-end for AWV internal applications.

Fietspadenrapport 2013 for Nieuwsblad.be

Our Expertise

Enterprise Applications

We have lots of experience designing and implementing modern enterprise applications. We usually use Java with Spring and Hibernate or Scala/Play to implement business logic and expose this through a RESTful interface.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

Do you have geographical information to process or visualise? That's one of our core specialities. We've already build many enterprise systems with integrated geographical processing. We even maintain an open-source project (www.geolatte.org) specifically for these purposes.

Web Applications

Everything happens in the cloud nowadays. Besides a stable and scalable back-end, we can provide a great web client using modern Javascript/html5 standards. We ensure a beautiful design and user experience thanks to partnerships with graphical designers.

Mobile Apps

To get the best experience on smartphones and tablets, nothing can beat a native mobile app. We have created apps for Android and Windows Phone and are dying to add to this list.

6Meet the Team

Yves Vandewoude
Founder › Datacruncher › Documentation Evangelist
Jeroen Vuerinckx
First Employee › Cloud Infrastructure › New Technologies
Ewout Van Gossum
Web Apps (back and front) › Graphics and UI

Where to find us

Qmino BVBA
Nieuwstraat 28
BE-3360 Korbeek-Lo, Belgium
E: info@qmino.com